Octave FinComm 富登财经
A strategic communications advisory firm that develops and executes effective strategic communication programmes to help clients achieve their capital markets objectives.


a comprehensive suite of services

Octave Fincomm offers a comprehensive suite of services including corporate positioning, financial communications, copywriting of marketing collaterals, sustainability reporting advisory, and events management.

Corporate Positioning

We map out communication strategies that help our clients convey a distinct corporate identity that highlights their corporate strengths, unique selling points, and strong track record, positioning them differently from competitors.


Be it a listed or private company, an Initial Public Offering, a Merger-and-Acquisition or a Reverse Takeover transaction, our work involves developing targeted stakeholder outreach programmes that help clients communicate their competitive advantages to build investor interest, understanding and broad market support.

Management Advisory

Through reviews and analysis, we work with our clients on management strategies to fine tune the company’s capabilities to work towards achieving their objectives.

Reporting Advisory

We assist clients to identify and assess the sustainability factors in their businesses, analyse and work with clients to communicate their sustainability strategy, efforts, and commitment to key stakeholders.